white rabbit

what exactly am i doing with these new clay figures appearing on my worktable? .. where do they come from? .. where do they want to go? .. i sometimes question the imagery that holds my attention .. why this particular human/bunny figure? .. then i let go of the questions and the pressure to answer and simply go with the flow .. i let the clay and the imagery move me .. piece by piece let it become itself .. when it works it works and when it doesn't it usually because my questioning gets in the way .. always looking for answers .. there are no answers .. it's ok to live in the question .. for me it's in the question that i'm able to free myself from the heady part of art and work with the heart part of art .. the soul and spirit of the form that wants to be birthed .. it's a surprise and a delight when i choose to go with the flow .. to trust the creative process .. to let my hands bring life to the piece .. to open my creative channel and receive the blessing art is

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