(In my studio in Old City, Philadelphia. (Photo by Matthew Bender)
Michael Biello is a ceramic sculptor who draws inspiration from his Italian-American roots and his passion for theatre.
Biello is one of the artisan/makers who helped create the revivals of Old City Philadelphia in the 1970’s and Noho New York in the 1990’s.
Biello's work has been exhibited internationally and is in numerous private collections including many in the entertainment industry.
Thank you Matthew Bender for the photo portraits of Biello on this site.
In addition to his work in visual art, Biello has a long history as a performance artist and lyricist in collaboration with his life-partner, composer Dan Martin.


Art Education:  
Philadelphia College of Art (UArts), BFA in Clay, 1969-1973                                                                     
Exhibitions/Representation (Selected): 
KZNSA Gallery, Durban, South Africa, 2024
Loudest Whispers, London, 2024
Belen Art Space, Madrid, Spain, 2022
Espaco Caramujo, Almada, Portugal, 2022
Art at PHL, Philadelphia, 2015
Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia, 2000 - 2015 (Gallery Artist)
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pop-Up Show, 2011
Design Philadelphia, Naked Design, 2009
John Elder Gallery, New York, 1999
Courtland Jessup Gallery, Provincetown, 1996-1999
Bond Street Studio, New York, 1993-1998
Archetype Gallery, New York, 1989-1997 (Gallery Artist)
American Crafts Museum, New York, 1996
Entre’ Libre, NYC, 1994
Itoya Gallery, Tokyo, 1994
Shibuya, Tokyo, 1993
The Works Gallery, Philadelphia 1976-1986
Meyer, Brier, Weiss Gallery, San Francisco, 1984
Convergence, New York, 1979-1983 (Gallery Artist)
Clay 1980, Philadelphia
Downey Museum of Art, California, 1980
World Craft Council, Vienna, Austria, 1980
Julie Artisans Gallery, New York, 1976-1979 (Gallery Artist)
Nabisco Gallery, New Jersey, 1979
Campbell Museum of Art, New Jersey, 1978
Commissions/Collections/Custom Designs (Selected):
Ceramic Tea Service, Andy and Ginny Lewis, Best Products, Richmond
Light Sculptures, Kalogris Residences, New York & Stone Harbor
Light Sculptures, Smith Residences, Philadelphia & Cravant, France
Light Sculptures, Red Tettemer Corporate Office, Philadelphia  
LS Collection, New York
Barneys, New York
Felissimo, New York
Sacred Dildos with Annie Sprinkle
GLAMA/OUTMUSIC Awards, New York (Ceramic awards, Designed by Biello, Presented 1996-2000)