this image combines both my ceramic art and my early days of performance art 1978 into the 80's . i'm pictured here with ishmael houston jones as part of our queer performance art troupe "two men dancing". a tad ahead of it's time . pre queer theatre trend . pre performance art college majors . late 70's into the 80's we were making autobiographical performance work with clay masks and props and original music by dan martin . the three of us queer activists exploring visual art and dance theatre performance art . each of us sharing our personal history on stage . this time in my life both opened doors and closed doors as i ventured out into the world as an artist . homophobia was real ... and continues to exist in the world . this never stopped me from being my true self . it definitely cut me out of being part of the main stream ceramic art & theatre worlds . times have changed and i know the work i've done as a young artist made space for much of this new open wave of lgbtq theatre music and art . there are many members of the early queer community that paved the way for both old and new stories to be shared . all part of our celebration of queer history . #artheals photo: thomas moore 1978   

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